maple mountain sound

3505 Hwy. 28
Hardwood Lake, ON
K0J 2E0


  • A Breath of Fresh Air
  • Canoe Trip
  • Darts Boards
  • Eric's Bonham Kit
  • View from the Loft
  • Kitchen
  • Loft Sleeping Quarters
  • Producer Suite
  • Stage Lit

Maple Mountain Sound is about music.
We love music, and we will do all that is necessary to allow artists to unleash their creativity and make the most of our space.

Maple Mountain Sound is about quality.
We have gear. Lots of it. We have some of the rare and exotic, loads of the desired and required, and then some, all of which is high-end and wonderful.

Maple Mountain Sound is about comfort.
From the control room couch to the hypo-allergenic feather-feel duvets and pillows on our queen-size air beds, we want to make sure you are as comfortable here as you are at home, and make you feel as if this IS your home for the duration of your stay.

Maple Mountain Sound is about amenities.
While you’re here, you have full access to our fully-equipped chef’s kitchen, private washrooms and shower, sleeping quarters, large deck, Weber BBQ, fire pit, and yard.

Maple Mountain Sound is about entertainment.
Between takes, play a game of darts or a round of cards, try out a board game, amuse yourselves with 120 vintage Atari video games, or grab a book off the shelf and curl up with it. Or just go for a walk and admire the wildlife…if it’s not blackfly season.

Maple Mountain Sound is about enjoyment.
Plan an afternoon off during your recording session to refresh your mind and go for a guided fishing, ice fishing, or hunting trip, depending what’s in season. Hop on some snowmobiles or ATVs and hit the trails. If you like it quieter, we have snowshoes, or go cross-country skiing. In the summer, the beach is only 5 minutes away and we have two canoes and four kayaks for you to use. Build a bonfire, BBQ some supper, and have a few beers around the fire. Rejuvenate yourself with nature and feel incredibly refreshed the next morning.

Maple Mountain Sound is about privacy.
The place is yours when you’re here. All yours and only yours. Record all day. Record all night. We live on the other side of the building from the recording studio and we can’t hear you. We’re here for whatever you need, but we’re not intruding on your session unless you ask us to. Or if you need to do laundry.

Maple Mountain Sound is about immersion.
Sure, we have internet. But we don’t have cell service for 40 km around the house. The nearest “corner store” is a 15-minute highway drive. The closest McDonald’s is a half hour away. The “local café” is a 15-minute drive. You’re stuck. Make the most of it. Your devices won’t work here, and neither will delivery. Someone in the band knows how to cook, and the rest will learn or starve. You’re starring in your own episode of “Survivor: Making The Album.” The difference is that you’ll all live to do the tour. If you want us to cook for you or get you a chef, that’s certainly possible. Just ask!

Maple Mountain Sound is about cordiality.
We are your hosts, and we will do all we can and all you ask that is within our power to make your stay, your experience, and your recording as fantastic as possible. We will respect your wishes and your privacy, and we will do all we can to ensure you are content and satisfied in all aspects pertaining to your stay here. In return, we ask that you respect our property and our belongings and don’t abuse our house and possessions. And, if you go outside at night, respect the quiet, enjoy the stars, and don’t wake the neighbours.

Maple Mountain Sound is about music.
Making great records is what we do. You come, you stay, you leave. We all had a great time, and the music lasts forever.